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Argus Management shows you the way! Are there issues in your company regarding communication, co-operation, conflict management, how to deal with agression, coping with stress and/or process improvement, then ask Claudia for advice en determine together the right direction.


Leadership is a choice, not a formal position! So every person can choose for leadership. Leadership starts with yourself.

Training & Coaching

What does body language tell about you and what are the effects of our body language? More than 90% of all our communication is non-verbal.


With the MapsTell method, Argus Management helps people and groups on the road to personal and business success!

Interim Management

Sometimes an organization has to get from A to B. But what is the best way to travel? Whatever wind direction you want to go, interim management can be a very good temporary solution. Argus Management can be asked for, among other things.


Leadership is a choice, not a formal position! So every person can choose for leadership. Leadership starts with yourself.

We offer multi-day programs, based on the ideas of Mark McGregor’s ’10 principles of leadership and life’. Do you want more success in your personal and professional life? Then take part in our leadership program.

Being on Mission is for everyone who wants to work in a inspiring way on personal development and luck, in a small group. We offer a learning environment in which development and reflection are the central focus for all participants. You will be guided by experienced trainers/coaches and you will work on awareness en insight in how leadership fits your talents. This will improve your effectiveness in both personal and professional life. Leadership skills are not only meant for work, they can also be applied in daily situations.

Based on years of expertise this program is offered worldwide and the goal is to get a better quality of life an work. Many participants endorse this method and they also return annually. Each program is tailor-made for both individual as organizational needs. This flexibility in design is one of the biggest strengths of Being on Mission and makes every program unique.


Argus Management is your trusted partner in training & coaching, both individually as for a team. We work with various methods and resources, so that there is an appropriate approach for everyone. Whether it’s about career questions, improving processes or a change in behavior. We use our expertise in Being on Mission Leadership, body language, MapsTell and dealing with stressful situations.


What does body language tell about you and what are the effects of our body language? More than 90% of all our communication is non-verbal. Your body tell almost everything. Your hand, feet, posture, gestures, tone of voice and eyes give away your emotions. Claudia is specialized in body language and she uses this expertise to make you aware in how you can get more success in communication, working together and relations. Using body language more effective, knowing yourself and changing how people perceive you. In addition you learn to ‘read’ the signals other people give away and use this to your advantage.


MapsTell believes in the power of sharing visual information. MapsTell is based on the by William Marston developed DISC-model, in where four major behaviour styles are distinguished: Dominant, Influence, Stable, Conscentious. These four behaviour styles are further elaborated by MapsTell in 16 behaviour styles. Together they form the World of Difference.

Components of MapsTell

MapsTell has serveral different components:


Personal Map

The PersonalMap is a complete map that shows one of the sixteen different behaviour styles and thus the exact position in the World of Difference. In addition the map shows a person his or hers talents, pitfalls, the self image and how others perceive the behaviour. Furthermore the PersonalMap is also explained by a personal video.


Professional Map

The ProfessionalMap is an in-depth training at which the focus is set on the personal leadership style and how a person learns. The ProfessionMap is fully focused on growing as a professional. How do I connect with other people and the working interaction is put central.


Team Map

TeamMapping is based on the analysis of the different styles of behaviour within a team or group. All participants are put on the map, based on their PersonalMaps. The result is a map with an overview in how the team or group is composed. It explains the interaction between team members en helps to improve the communication and a more effective co-operation in the team.

Business Map

This is a cartographic way to identify and map organizations and processes. You want to reach the top with your company!

You know better than anyone else wich are the fertile and infertile areas. You see oceans of possibilities or maybe you see treacherous rapids! For sure you don’t want to end up in quicksand or get lost in dark forests. All these cartographic metaphors are powerful, associative concepts which make the complex reality visible and understandable in a very nice, visual way: the map, or in this case the BusinessMap of your organization. In one glance it becomes clear where the organization is right now, what the business goals are and which roads will lead you to succes. This creative way of working also leads to better support within the organization. The result is an attractive, big full colour map with a huge attention value. After all, an image says more than a thousand words! We will gladly give you more information about the possibilities of BusinessMapping.

How it’s mapped

MapsTell uses a questionnaire to make a profile and shows the behaviour- and communication characteristics of individuals and teams on a map. Characteristics such as intelligence, competences or emotions are not measured. It’s the combination of al these factors that makes people unique.

The fun of behaviour is, that you deal with it every day working or meeting with other people. The one behaviour style isn’t better than another one. Communication and co-operation = behaviour
We distinguish three different components within behaviour styles:

  1. 1. Active behaviour
  2. 1. Instinctive behaviour
  3. 1. Reactive behaviour

The values of these three different compontents of behaviour are a part of de RouteGuide and Map diagrams for in-depth information about the MapsTell programm.

The landscape of your behaviour

In stead of a thick report, the profile has been processed into a beautiful map: your PersonalMap. The names of cities, rivers and oceans on your map tell everything about your behaviour. In addition your map shows how others percieve your behaviour and what kind of pitfalls en challenges you have. You get to know yourself even better and understand other people. The insight into yourself helps you to anticipate on the behaviour of other people, making you able to get better results in co-operation and communication.

With PersonalMapping you literally map yourself. The PersonalMap is clear, accessible an easy to read. In stead of the thick report, this map will not end in a drawer!

The three areas of your PersonalMap:

  • The landscape of my behaviour
  • My pitfalls
  • How other perceive my behaviour

Inspiration workshop

Do you want your employees to show behaviour that fits the mission, vision and core competencies of the organization? Then join our inspiration workshop “Behaviour on the map”, where we discuss the most important issues of MapsTell. With more than 30 years of experience, we satisfactorily have already trained many organizations in behaviour.

Discover what we can do so that you can improve the quality of your services.


MapsTell customization and / or more information?


Business Change Consultancy

Claudia is a certified Business Change Consultant and works together with Any Change. They guide organizations and individuals to develop sustainable leadership and by that become more future-proof. Organizations that focus on culture and behavior are proven to be more effective than organizations that only focus on performance and results.
We believe in the competences of people and the power to change that comes free if you combine these. In addition we trust in the capacities of the changing organization and therefore we use the method of participatory change management. This means that the change is being designed together with the organization. By approach causes a positive and healty organization culture. That’s what we call ‘sustainable impact’.

“I call Claudia for a short but intensive job where no-nonsense, quality and effect is wanted”

In larger project, Argus works together with dedicated en trusted partners. Starting point is that Claudia and her colleagues preferably become superfluous as soon as possible.