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Argus Management shows you the way! Within organizations and companies there are often issues related to communication, behaviour, collaboration, conflict management, dealing with aggression and tension and/or process improvement. In one’s personal life it may be about unprocessed experiences, violent events, a change of job, loss or change. I am happy to give you advice and together with you determine the right direction.


Leadership begins with yourself.
Leadership is a choice, not a formal position!
So anyone can choose leadership.


Training starts with awareness, this provides insight and leads to understanding. Training skills thereafter leads to better integration and application of what has been learned.


Learning to understand yourself and others better. ‘Healing’ of unprocessed issues so that blockages disappear. Permanent change in a direction where you would like to be.


The MapsTell method helps people and teams on their way to personal and business success!


Gain insight into yourself or the team and the processes within them in a fun and creative way. Working with a table sandbox and as many as hundreds of miniatures!


Leadership is a choice, not a formal position! So anyone can choose leadership.

Leadership starts with yourself and is an inside-out process. What is really most important to you and how do you achieve this? How can you, as a leader, inspire others? Come and discover it in our multi-day leadership program ‘Being on Mission’. This is based on the ideas of Mark McGregor, the ’10 principles of leadership and life’. You will be guided by experienced trainers/coaches and work on awareness and insight in how leadership fits your talents.

This improves your skills and helps you master the challenges of leading and increases your effectiveness in both professional and personal life. Leadership skills are not only meant for work, they are also personal and can be applied in all daily situations.Are you finally up to the challenge?

We look forward to meeting you!


As a trainer/facilitator I offer various possibilities in training. It is always about customization; one organization may need a longer program, another team may need only 1 day of teambuilding. Depending on your wishes, together we ‘build’ a suitable program.
I am in demand for e.g:

  • Behaviour and communication
  • Stress and workload
  • Team dynamics and team effectiveness
  • Team building
  • Leadership skills
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Conflict management
  • Body language
  • Seminars


As a professional coach I am affiliated with the NOBCO and work according to the international code of ethics of NOBCO. Coaching is possible both individually and for a team. 

My areas of expertise in coaching include coaching with humour (provocative coaching), trauma response and unprocessed experiences/emotions, personal development, team coaching, executive coaching, body language, career guidance and dealing with tension/stress/burnout. For my coaching I use the latest insights and various techniques. I am one of the quality coaches of Coachfinder, an initiative of Psychology Magazine.


MapsTell believes in the power of sharing visual information. MapsTell is based on the by William Marston developed DISC-model, in where four major behaviour styles are distinguished: Dominant, Influence, Stable, Conscentious. These four behaviour styles are further elaborated by MapsTell in 16 behaviour styles. Together they form the World of Difference.

Components of MapsTell

MapsTell has serveral different components:


Personal Map

The PersonalMap is a complete map that shows one of the sixteen different behaviour styles and thus the exact position in the World of Difference. In addition the map shows a person his or hers talents, pitfalls, the self image and how others perceive the behaviour. Furthermore the PersonalMap is also explained by a personal video.


Professional Map

The ProfessionalMap is an in-depth training at which the focus is set on the personal leadership style and how a person learns. The ProfessionMap is fully focused on growing as a professional. How do I connect with other people and the working interaction is put central.


Team Map

TeamMapping is based on the analysis of the different styles of behaviour within a team or group. All participants are put on the map, based on their PersonalMaps. The result is a map with an overview in how the team or group is composed. It explains the interaction between team members en helps to improve the communication and a more effective co-operation in the team.

Business Map

This is a cartographic way to identify and map organizations and processes. You want to reach the top with your company!

You know better than anyone else wich are the fertile and infertile areas. You see oceans of possibilities or maybe you see treacherous rapids! For sure you don’t want to end up in quicksand or get lost in dark forests. All these cartographic metaphors are powerful, associative concepts which make the complex reality visible and understandable in a very nice, visual way: the map, or in this case the BusinessMap of your organization. In one glance it becomes clear where the organization is right now, what the business goals are and which roads will lead you to succes. This creative way of working also leads to better support within the organization. The result is an attractive, big full colour map with a huge attention value. After all, an image says more than a thousand words! We will gladly give you more information about the possibilities of BusinessMapping.

How it’s mapped

MapsTell uses a questionnaire to make a profile and shows the behaviour- and communication characteristics of individuals and teams on a map. Characteristics such as intelligence, competences or emotions are not measured. It’s the combination of al these factors that makes people unique.

The fun of behaviour is, that you deal with it every day working or meeting with other people. The one behaviour style isn’t better than another one. Communication and co-operation = behaviour
We distinguish three different components within behaviour styles:

  1. 1. Active behaviour
  2. 1. Instinctive behaviour
  3. 1. Reactive behaviour

The values of these three different compontents of behaviour are a part of de RouteGuide and Map diagrams for in-depth information about the MapsTell programm.

The landscape of your behaviour

In stead of a thick report, the profile has been processed into a beautiful map: your PersonalMap. The names of cities, rivers and oceans on your map tell everything about your behaviour. In addition your map shows how others percieve your behaviour and what kind of pitfalls en challenges you have. You get to know yourself even better and understand other people. The insight into yourself helps you to anticipate on the behaviour of other people, making you able to get better results in co-operation and communication.

With PersonalMapping you literally map yourself. The PersonalMap is clear, accessible an easy to read. In stead of the thick report, this map will not end in a drawer!

The three areas of your PersonalMap:

  • The landscape of my behaviour
  • My pitfalls
  • How other perceive my behaviour

Inspiration workshop

Do you want your employees to show behaviour that fits the mission, vision and core competencies of the organization? Then join our inspiration workshop “Behaviour on the map”, where we discuss the most important issues of MapsTell. With more than 30 years of experience, we satisfactorily have already trained many organizations in behaviour.

Discover what we can do so that you can improve the quality of your services.


MapsTell customization and / or more information?



With Blauwprint® we create a blueprint of you and the process you are involved in as a person or team. This gives you insights into your possibilities, pitfalls and opportunities in a creative, refreshing way. It forms a basis, a Blueprint®. It is a moment to reflect on personal and/or work-related issues. With Blauwprint® you actively set to work on the basis of your own insights and experiences. It reveals where you are now and what steps you need to take to achieve your goal. More insight into your process in just one session! Insights gained from the Blauwprint® may relate to the individual (work/life), team, organisation or product level. Tailored to your own wishes and input. With Blauwprint® you work systematically towards a plan or design based on an issue, wish or goal that you have submitted. 

I take care of this completely with sandboxes, all kinds of miniatures and a report of your sandbox session!

For example:

  • Getting a clear picture of the team
  • Insight into working together more efficiently as a team 
  • Bustling brainstorming
  • Get a grip on your ideas
  • Discovering new possibilities
  • More insight into your own issues or answers to your questions