‘Claudia is so damn versatile! Maybe that’s her speciality. Whether it’s for an individual person or a team, she understands very fast where the core of the problem lies.’


Sales manager, Technische Unie

‘When I’m looking for someone to coach on being assertive or conflict management, I call Claudia.’


CEO, Met David

‘Claudia is very good in transforming strategy into operational frameworks.’


CEO, Bureau Lammers

With a big smile I look back on last year. In all the chaos you appeared! You were my mirror and helped me several times to take the next step. Thanks for your sincere attention.

I am grateful to you for opening my eyes and showing me new ways. You have given me the wings tp fly!

‘Her strength lies mainly in structuring the department. Claudia is the ‘fresh wind’ that helps to get an overview of needed actions en prioritizes them. She gave the department the right guidance they needed to get started again’


Manager Services, Moviera

As management team, we engaged in conversation in a different way. We were standing on a kind of world map. This gave us interesting insights into preferred behaviours, where your energy is and what your pitfalls might be. It was also very good to know that about each other! This allows you to talk to each other differently and better. Which is positive for the collaboration. And finally, we gained insight into certain patterns in our collaboration. It was a fun and successful team day!

Team housing corporation

I have experienced the coaching sessions with Claudia as very pleasant and helpful. She quickly sees through the obstacles and gives insight into what is happening internally. She is also very good with body language. Claudia makes you realize that you are in charge to change things and gives you the confidence that you can do this, which has helped me personally.

The MapsTell workshop was a easy for me to understand, with two accessible trainers. You get a nice blueprint of your inner self. In a creative and visual way it becomes clear whether you are more introvert of extravert person. With humor you showed us the world of difference. And I could really ‘feel’ what happened when I was standing on the map.


Volunteer, Ronald MacDonald Huis Tilburg

Thank you for your guidance, help and confidence. You are a topper!

Claudia helped me with the recurring patterns that had a negative impact on my life. Where I expected it to be a long process, Claudia helped me achieve my goals in just a few sessions. She offers loving yet confrontational guidance that provides just the breakthrough I needed.

Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to develop myself. You saw opportunities in me that I grabbed with both hands. You brought out the best in me.