‘Claudia is so damn versatile! Maybe that’s her speciality. Whether it’s for an individual person or a team, she understands very fast where the core of the problem lies.’


Sales manager, Technische Unie

‘When I’m looking for someone to coach on being assertive or conflict management, I call Claudia.’


CEO, Met David

‘Claudia is very good in transforming strategy into operational frameworks.’


CEO, Bureau Lammers

‘Her strength lies mainly in structuring the department. Claudia is the ‘fresh wind’ that helps to get an overview of needed actions en prioritizes them. She gave the department the right guidance they needed to get started again’


Manager Services, Moviera

When you endure things in your life and you don’t have any control on it, your life turns upside down.
Then you get the offer to work with Claudia on all this, so you can put things in place, that made me very happy!
Trust was very important for me in this and the contact with Claudia was very good from the beginning.
She really made me thinking about my life and through the journey of discovery I got closer to myself again.

Marie C.

Volunteer, Ronald MacDonald Huis Tilburg

The MapsTell workshop was a easy for me to understand, with two accessible trainers. You get a nice blueprint of your inner self. In a creative and visual way it becomes clear whether you are more introvert of extravert person. With humor you showed us the world of difference. And I could really ‘feel’ what happened when I was standing on the map.


Volunteer, Ronald MacDonald Huis Tilburg

She made a video of my body language and behaviour in certain situations. That gave me insight in myself and my behaviour. I realise that the information you gave me made it more easier to change. And also understand that the other person can percieve me in a different way than what I meant. This helps me to ask better questions.

Paula Schoormans

Owner, Topcomm