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The world is an open book, it changes at lightning speed and as a person and an organization you want to change with it. Communication and collaboration are the key success factors here. Are you already on the right track?

Argus Management coaches people and organizations in a creative way.
Claudia van den Boogaard, experienced trainer & coach, takes you on a journey!


‘Come with us on a discovery trip and get the best out of yourself and your team!’

Changing process

I always offer customized solutions in an appropriate mix of analysis, advice, training, coaching and interim management. My organizational advice lies at the intersection of people and organizations and focuses on lasting behavioural change. During this voyage of discovery, together we determine the right course and best way to travel. It is possible to use various methods and tools, I will gladly advise you on this.


Leadership begins with yourself.
Leadership is a choice, not a formal position!
So anyone can choose leadership.


Training starts with awareness, this provides insight and leads to understanding. Training skills thereafter leads to better integration and application of what has been learned.


Learning to understand yourself and others better. ‘Healing’ of unprocessed issues so that blockages disappear. Permanent change in a direction where you would like to be.


The MapsTell method helps people and teams on their way to personal and business success!


Gain insight into yourself or the team and the processes within them in a fun and creative way. Working with a table sandbox and as many as hundreds of miniatures!

Come with us on a discovery trip and get the best out of your team


Fijne vakantie! ENG

Fijne vakantie! ENG

Wij wensen alle relaties van Argus Management daarom een fijne vakantie toe. Tijd voor ontspanning, bezinning en genieten! Tijdens de zomerperiode zijn wij gewoon bereikbaar. Contact in de vakantie? Wil je in deze periode aan jezelf werken, of alvast afstemmen wat de...

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New for organizations or companies: BusinessMapping

New for organizations or companies: BusinessMapping

BusinessMapping for organization(s) Is your organization in change, do you want to improve your business processes of are you looking for interconnection, then try BusinessMapping! This is a cartographic way to identify organizations and processes. You know better...

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