An important principle of coaching with humor is:


“”We take the client very seriously, but not how he deals with his problem!”

Sometimes people are so attached to their problem that they can’t let it go!
After all, they have invested a lot in it and completely identified with it. By challenging this with humor and warmth, people often discover on their own solutions they desire.

What is coaching with humor?

This is a stimulating way of helping; a unique cocktail of warmth, challenge and humor. And it is often effective where traditional approaches fall short.
Coaching with humor originates from provocative therapy. Its founder, Frank Farelly, discovered that there are certain ways in which you can more effectively touch a client’s deeper levels. His presuppositions in this later became the principles of provocative coaching.

How it works.

What I do is creatively challenge you on your patterns and themes. Because, as a coach, I use a healthy dose of humor to provoke resistance or acceptance, you will regain your power! You’ll amaze yourself how, through humor, laughter and relaxation, you break through your own stuck patterns, ‘face’ your problem and tackle it. This is what I call “boundary-strengthening” work.

Why this works.

Anyone who has tried coaching with humor realizes:

  • The coach has figured out all the things I do to myself!
  • At least something is happening here. The coach is not afraid to tackle the heart of the problem.
  • We had a wonderful laugh together!
  • My coach just says what she thinks, which sometimes bothers me, but the contact is warm and very good.

Want to try it?

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Research has shown that humor is an empowering quality and is associated in psychology with coping. It helps to stay calm and focused and provides relief from exhaustion and burnout. In addition, humor keeps people interested in their work. Humor is a state of mind that positively affects how people think, feel and behave, especially during difficult times. Humor creates a higher level of thinking that gives new meaning to a situation. And with that, people also gain a new perspective.