Pleasant, Claudia!


Behaviour and body language always have been fascinating to me! After almost 20 years experience within the police force – where better can you learn about people and behaviour? – I’m since 2006 working as an interim manager, HR-consultant and trainer/(team)coach. I’m offering my services under my own label Argus Management. As accredited MapsTell Guide I love to focus on behavioral styles.

The right direction!

I love to help other people to discover their passion. I stimulate them to get the best out of themselves and develop in the right direction. It’s my belief that when you find the right power in yourself, you can function in an optimal way, both individual and in a team. It’s my mission to inspire people and teams to go on their yourney in the word of behaviour. As an adventurer I personally get inspired by travelling and discovering different cultures and people.

“‘Claudia van den Boogaard is able to see the big picture in an organization or situation. She focusses on the human being with all his possibilities and that’s where Argus Management makes the difference.
Life is about creating yourself… (George Bernard Shaw)

Communication and co-operation are all about behaviour. To analyse behaviour I put people literally on the map. As a trainer/coach I love to work with MapsTell, a method that brings the right dynamics into the organization.

MapsTell is a means to visualize a persons behaviour on the map. The symplicity of this method is it’s greatest strength. I can always apply this method in changing processes, restructuring, reoganization, recruitment and selection, sales and interim assignments.

‘I help and guide processes. I am the facilitator. Together we make the log (journal) of the journey trough the organization. De CEO or manager always remains responsible.’

Doesn’t your team function as you want to, are there conflicts or is there stress, then let yourself be tempted to enter the World of MapsTell.

“Business with a human dimension.”


Argus comes from the Greek mythology. He was a giant with hundred eyes all over his body. One pair of eyes was always awake. Argus means literally “he who sees everything”. This is what we stand for: observing, a thorough analysis, discover talents en puttig people in their strength.

Argus Management strives for sustainable impact by working together with: