BusinessMapping for organization(s)

Is your organization in change, do you want to improve your business processes of are you looking for interconnection, then try BusinessMapping!

This is a cartographic way to identify organizations and processes. You know better than anyone else wich are the fertile and infertile areas. You see oceans of possibilities or maybe you see treacherous rapids! For sure you don’t want to end up in quicksand or get lost in dark forests. All these cartographic metaphors are powerful, associative concepts which make reality visible and understandable in a very nice, visual way: the map, or in this case the BusinessMap of your organization. In one glance it becomes clear where the organization is right now, what the business goals are and which roads will lead you to succes. This creative way of working also leads to better support within the organization.
The result is an attractive, big full color map with a huge attention value. After all, an image says more than a thousand words!

We will gladly give you more information about the possibilities of BusinessMapping.